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Data40 provides market research services that give you the edge you need to influence your audience and transform your business. Our strategic approach distills data into non-obvious insights tailored to your brand, giving you a competitive advantage. We offer fresh research-based insights to help you set direction and make informed marketing decisions.
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Quality market intelligence is essential for successful marketing strategies. At Data40, we provide a wide range of services to help you understand market demands and build effective marketing strategies. Our team of experts will guide you through the competitive research process and help you secure a solid position in the market. With our deep knowledge of market research and competitive analysis, we can recommend the best directions to explore to achieve positive outcomes.
At Data40, we provide research services, data processing, and analysis in two directions: ready-to-use and private solutions. Our ready-to-use solutions are pre-packed and available for instant purchase and download, providing you with quick access to essential data on specific topics. Our private solutions are custom queries tailored to your individual needs.
Market Research
Market research is essential for making informed strategic and tactical decisions in any business. Our Market Research service retrieves and cleans industry-specific data from multiple sources. We analyze this data to produce comprehensive reports.
Wide Industry Coverage
We have years of experience providing tailor-made research across a range of sectors.
Multiple Data Sources
We search through websites, forums, social media, product reviews, video comments, expert opinions, open-data and databases.
Custom Reports
We deliver custom market research reports that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.
Recurring Research
Our projects are flexible and can be conducted as one-time-job or recurring-operational needs.
How We Work
Analysis Requirements
We do preliminary study and form methods and survey plans to reach answers on your query.
Research & Verify Data
We search, collect and facilitate the specific data towards your query.
Calibration & Delivery
We form insights and particular answers within found data, and deliver applicable reports.
Data Consulting
Data extracting, processing and analysis requires specific tools and industrial-scale understanding of how to approach web-based data. We provide the most effective way to source your datasets.
Deep Industry Expertise
Our advice is based on years of managing complex, global, multi-channel data research projects.
Customized Strategies
We make sure that every survey is reliable, cost-efficient, and based on industry best practices.
D40 Terminal
D40 Terminal is our ambitious project that provides paid access to a single information base for professionals in various fields. With just a few clicks, users can access relevant data, download results, and generate graphs in popular formats like XLSX, CSV, PDF, and more. Our goal is for D40 Terminal to become the go-to standard for data professionals worldwide, with complete information from various fields and the ability to generate custom reports.
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